Sunday, 1 July 2012

How To Choose A Bridal Salon

By Betty Among
Have you witnessed a bride throwing an almighty tantrum in the salon on the morning of her wedding ? Could she just be spoiled ? Abridezilla perhaps ? Well, it could be none of the aforementioned. There is a possibity that the stylist is not getting it right, and for any number of reasons. The saloon plays a big role on the wedding day because it will dertermine how you will turn out visually ; and you do want to turn out beautifully and stun everybody, do you  not ? Consider the following when choosing the saloon:

Location and setup.
Is the location close to your venue for the ceremony ? You do not want to risk being caught up in traffic and arrive late for the ceremony. Is the parking lot ample enough to accomadate  cars for the bridal party and for there other key people invited with the saloon preons for the day?
If you intend to dressup in the saloon , is the space adequate? Is there a dressing room fitted with full-length mirror?

I once witnessed a salon operator unscrupulously mixing up a superior hair product with an inferior one to get more volume .There are also cases of cheaper  products being re-packaged in discarded containers of more 'upmarket" product,and being sold as such to unsuspecting clients.This can result in serious damage to your hair and scalp.

Be vigilant and take the trouble to find out what products the salon uses and  if they are appropriate for you.
This goes back to sticking with service providers that you have worked with on a regular basis. It will be easier to take them to task than with a completely new person.

The existing salons today are almost too many to count . It is not obviously the case that a big and seemingly fully equipped salon will provide the best service; neither does it automatically mean that a smaller modest salon implies suspiciously poor service .Both can deliver the great service you desire as long as you desire as long as you know what you  are looking for.

Stylist, Makeup Artists and Nail Technicians
These are probably the most important aspects to consider when picking out a salon because they will determine the end result.
The wise thing to do is to work with regular salon .There is no need to tryout some new swanky place that may be trending at that moment. Stick with the people who know your hair and skin and guide them on any special details you would like to add.

A clean salon will provide the ambience for a good start to your day. Does the salon keep clean towels? is the floor regurlary mopped in between clients?Are the restrooms up to scratch?

Before you make your booking , ensure the salon is not overbooked . it can be very disheartening on your wedding day to see your stylist fitting around from one bridal party to the next. Insist on knowing how many other brides are booked on the  same day or at the same time as you are, and then you can make an informed decision.

Pre-Day Services
We all need extra pampering towards our weddings, so that we turn out our best. A good salon should make a pre- wedding plan for you and offer you a package  involving hair, skin and nail treatments starting at least three months to the day.

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