Saturday, 14 July 2012

Latest Wedding Bridal Gloves

By Julie Ndagire

Lately, gloves have given way to bracelets and bare arms/ wrists. Wedding bridal gloves, however, are one of the fashion accessories that still make a statement on may a bridal ensemble. Long (above the elbow) gloves bring classic royalty to mind, while short (wrist-length) gloves invoke a chic trendy feel.

Unlike ball gowns, bejeweled combs, lace and shoes which you are likely to wear on other special occasion, gloves are not something you will wear to a cocktail party or friend’s wedding.

Make your wedding day special and wear this fashion item which make stand out and almost have a special ‘untouchable’ quality.

From the romance of lace and tulle, to classic satin and luxurious embellished sheer styles, you will be spoilt for choice.

Elegant sheer full length gloves with intricate embroidery

Understated plain satin gloves to complement an embellished gown.

Luxurious sparkly tulle with pearl and sequin embellishment

Romantic tulle wrist-length wedding gloves with floral motif

A classic timeless satin wedding gloves with floral motif

Embellished wedding bracelet

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