Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Latest Hair Care Tips for a Bride

By Julie Ndagire

When organizing a wedding, most times the bride is very busy running up and down attending to everything from the gown, shoes to accessories. Not much attention is put on the hair yet this is an important area that calls for attention if she is to look glamorous on her the big day.

Hair care calls for more than just styling the hair on the wedding day according to Jeph Mugisha, a professional hairstylist  and director of Jephi’s salon on Jinja Road. Many wait for the day before the wedding to go for retouch or treatment.

Dealing with your Stylist
Mugisha advises a bride to choose their stylist as early as possible (six months). “This will help them know your hair well. The stylist is then able to monitor the progress of your hair and recommend what is best for you,” he advises.

He says that much as every bride-to-be has a right to choose her hairstyle for their wedding day, it is important to involve their hairstylist in making this decision.

Choosing a Hairstyle.
The simple and easier way for a bride is to hold her hair backwards as it helps to bring out her face clearly.
Promise Alati, a hairstylist of Clever Salon on Mabirizi complex, advises brides not to go for extravagant and complicated hairstyles. “Sometimes a bride may look as if she is carrying something on her head. Most brides do not look good with over-the-top hairstyles because the decoration is too much. Something nice and simple is always the best.” She advises.
A bride should consider the shape of her head when choosing a hairstyle, according to Mugisha.

“One may have seen a bride look good with  particular hairstyle and want it as well but they have to understand that they have different head shapes and what looks good on one might not look good on the other. It is always important to try out different styles before the wedding to know which one looks best on you,” he advises

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