Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Latest Wedding Grooms Hairstyles

By Betty Among

A wedding is not a day for the bride. The groom too must be part of it all the way. Imagine the sight of a well groomed couple walking down the aisle. Guys, you too can look elegant if you put effort into preparing and caring about your looks especially your hair and clothes. As far as hair is concerned, most grooms choose the easiest way out-cutting it all off. While this may be safe choice for groom, you can think of an alternative which cab be a wonderful surprise for her. For as long as you look stylish and elegant, go for a hair do that suits your face and shape of head. Here are some tips to guide you;

Long face (Dog Face)
A groom  with a dog face can try out the Mohawk hairstyle, This  hairstyle is also known has ‘stamina hair cut’. If the groom is the kind who always spots a clean shaven head, he can settle for a brush comb Mohawk for his wedding day.

Puff Daddy

Mose Kyaligonza, a barber at Ultra Salon advises a groom with a dog face to try out the hip hop hair cut (Puff Daddy) with curls.

A groom with a cat face can also try out the ‘puff Daddy’ hairstyle with round curls used and only at the top of the head, according to Martin Mutebi, a hair stylist and barber from Hair Lounge Unisex salon.

The Box cut
Though an old style, a groom can still look good, especially if the cut is done by a professional barber, says Mutebi.

Shaba Ranks Cut
For the daring and stylish dog-faced grooms, Kyaligonza advise the Shaba ranks hair cut. It is close to the Mohawk hair cut, only that one side is clean shaven while the other side is sharpened towards the front.

Cornrows and dreadlocks can work for daring and stylish grooms. However, be aware that some churches like the Seventh Day Adventists forbid grooms from wearing dreads. So if you intend to have dreadlocks, find out if there will be any restrictions for you.

Big Afro Hair
Big Afro hair overshadows the face as the head takes the attention. Mutebi advises grooms with big heads to avoid this hairstyle as it may make them appear disproportionate with big head and smaller body.

Cat Face
Joseph Kato, a hairstylist at the hair clinic, says a groom with a cat face can waer an afro hair cut, but that the afro should be trimmed in a round shape to match with the face shape.

He says that for a cat-faced groom who has been growing his hair but does not want to wear an afro, cornrows or dreadlocks can work for him if he is comfortable, with them. lf he is not comfortable , then the other option is trim  the hair to an even level , Kato advices .
Kyaligonza notes that a well- trimmed even hair cut goes well with side bans or Craig David’s beard trim commonly known as ‘Channel O
 The groom can be more daring, and go for a clean shave (marine hair cut), which is also very advisable for cat-faced grooms,” Kato says.

‘Edged’ Head And Saggy Skin
Kyaligonza says that for a groom with a saggy skin scalp, the best style for them is the    ‘three- layers hair cut.’ He explains that this hair cut is a clean shave at the first layer down, then a tight shave at the second, and finally a brush comb length at the third layer .He says these three layers help to cover up the saggy skin .
 For a head with ‘edges’, Kato advises growing hair to at least two inches so that the edge may not be very visible. With the help of a professional hair dresser, such a groom can then choose to wear an afro , dreadlocks, or cornrows.

Bald Head
 “The are hardly any choice for a groom with a pronounced bald head. The best hair cut for him is the marine cut,” Kato notes.

Hair Care Tips
A groom –to –be to visit the saloon at least three times before the wedding to have his hair, eyebrows and beard washed , shampooed , conditioned, treated and re-trimmed to level
For the wavy or curly hair cuts ,the groom must be give n special curl oils and sprays like olive spray s like olive spray, gel or other curl activating oils to keep the curls in place.
For grooms with edged or saggy heads, who want to grow their hair before the wedding .He says they should seek advise  from a professional hair stylist on what hair products to use to help induce fast hair growth

For the groom wearing either cornrows or dreads for the first time should have the hair done a day before the wedding. T hose who already have dreads should have dreads should have them repaired or treated a day to the wedding.

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