Saturday, 21 July 2012

A bridal Kit- What it must contain.

By Julie Ndagire

What happens if the zipper of the bride’s gown snaps open? If her gown gets a tear? If her make up is washed off by a drizzle or if her hair is blown by the wind? Would she face her guests with a shabby look? Here are items to include in the bridal kit that can be carried by the matron to fix mishaps.
Bridal Kit

Needles and Threads
These help to fix a tear neatly. Ensure the threads are in colours of the gown, changing dress and theme colours of the maids’ dresses. You do not need whole rolls of thread just a metre rolled on a piece of paper is adequate.

Spare buttons.
In case the bride’s gown has buttons, they are needed to replace buttons that fall off.

The handkerchief
The matron can use it to dab sweat off the bride’s face and prevent the foundation from running.

Facial Bloating Tissue
Used to remove excess oil as the day progresses leaving the bride’s make-up fresh. Tissue can be used by pressing your lips together in between. This helps to keep the lipstick on longer, then apply lip gloss.

Feminine wipes for freshness in the nether regions.
Body wipes to clean the bride’s hands
Perfume. A vail of scent is light to carry and allows the bride to freshen up in the course of the day.

Safety pins. These come in handy when buttons and zips come undone.

Brooch. There is a stylist who swears by this accessory. She plays around with it on the lapel of a jacket, on dresses below the shoulder blade and as a fastener on a belt made from fabric. You can use the brooch to disguise a coverup a tear near the shoulder.

Hairpins. These help to keep hair in place and neat.

Sanitary pads. These are needed for emergency, you never know when the bride’s periods might start. Even for brides with a regular cycle there have been surprises the excitement a wedding brings may cause the bride’s hormones to act up.

Pant liners. These are useful if the bride just ended her period or if she gets a light flow.

Fabric Glue. Can be used to stick detail on shoes finished with fabric incase the bow falls off

Makeup kit. As long as the matron can expertly apply make-up then this is a necessary tool. Include lip gloss, eye liner and eye shadow. Make up enhances bride’s features.

Compact powder. This is preferred to foundation because when you keep applying
The latter often, the face will look caked. However, the compact powder should be recommended by your beautician.

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