Saturday, 21 April 2012

What is your Honeymoon Personality?

By Julie Ndagire

After months of planning and finally walking down the aisle, you might be shocked at your partner’s idea of a honey moon. Your personality types may affect your preference of honeymoon destinations. So before you rush to book a honeymoon location, each of you should think about what you would like. Do not concern yourself with finances. Let your mind wander! Think about what you would like to fill your days and nights with. This should help jog your memory;

What type of atmosphere do you see yourself stepping into?
Do you picture a long stretch of beach?
Acres of picturesque greenery?
A lovely petite compound?
A down to earth but clean and smart place?
A posh city environment?
Exotic, wild nature?
Or it doesn’t matter as long as you have each other?
Are there many tourists around?
Are there many locals around?
Do you see yourself interacting with others much?

Would you rather;
Stay within the resot and taking advantage of only its facilities?
Go on guided tours daily
Stay indoors mostly?
Create and go in search of your own entertainment?
Or it doesn’t really matter?

What is more intriguing to you?
A drink by the pool?
A never before done activity like snorkeling?
Do you visualize romantic evening strolls, holding hands and pinching each other?
Or Romantic candle – lit dinner in the room?
Or high energy party activities like gambling or dancing
Or a sleep in with you lover?

Are you eating exotic foods and Pizza?
Are you enjoying locale cuisine?
Or it doesn’t really matter?

What would you pay extra for;
A luxury room?
A breathtaking view to die for?
Execeptional customer care?
Awesome guided tours?

What would you fear most on your honeymoon?
Being too secluded?
Being in foreign country?

What is most important to you?
The room?
The Service?
The food?
The facilities?
The entertainment?

Armed with your answers to the above questions, both of you should agree whether to go to a beach resort, a safari in the wild, a swanky and posh location, a laid back gateaway, an adventure-packed location or a scheduled, romantic location specifically for honeymooners.

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