Saturday, 14 April 2012

9 month wedding planner for brides

By Betty Among

Announce your engagement to family and friends
Choose a wedding Date and a date for traditional obligations.
Get cost estimates and work on the budget
Choose a location and reserve your ceremony and reception site
Compile a list of requirements for the ceremony. These may include blood test results and letter of consent from girl’s parents.
Select venue and dates for wedding meetings.
Select a steering committee.
Begin a rough guest list
Decide on who you would like to have as your attendants, especially your maid of honour and best man.
Purchase a wedding planning book or magazine

Six to four months to the wedding

Begin shopping for brides maid’s dresses
Order your wedding goen and buy accessories like gloves, shoes and veil as well as undergarment that you will wear with it  (bring these to all fittings).
Commence pre-marital counseling
Choose and book service providers like Jewellerly, printer, caterer, cake baker, decorator, transporter and photographer/ video crew.
Book your honey moon and verify that you have necessary travel documents including passports, Visas and possibly necessary inoculation.
Book a room for your wedding night, if you will be leaving for your honeymoon the next morning

Four to two months to the wedding
Make arrangements to move
Arrange accommodation of out-of-town guests.
Finalise your guest list an send out invites, this should be between three to four weeks to the wedding day.
Purchase luggage and other travel necessities and attire for your honeymoon.
Schedule an appointment with your beautician and hairdresser for facials and trials.

One Month to Go
Purchase a guest book
Plan an outing or dinner with your mum, dad, siblings or close friends.
Plan to your wedding night room.

One week to go
Contact your caterer with a final guest count.
Print out a timeline of events for your wedding party and vendors. Incude contact information and mobile phone numbers
Finalize details with all service providers
Finalize your reception music and song list/needs.
Schedule a final dress fitting
Pack for your new home
Pick up your wedding gown
Pack for your honeymoon.

One day to the wedding day.
Check your honey moon bag and add your toilet bag
Treat your self to a day of pampering and sheer indulgence. While you’re at it, do your nails and if necessary part of the hairdo.
Get your matron to pack an emergency kit which consists of
Extra under wear
Sanitary towels or pads
Toilet paper
Safety pins
Comb and brush
Disposable shaver
Visine (or any eye Whitener)
Hanky or tissues
Needle and thread
Scissors and razor baldes
Painkillers, magnesium , anti running tummy, pills and band aid
Snacks like Pringles
Breath minths
Bottled water
Plus Whatever else you feel would come in handy for you

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