Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wedding photos – A must-Have guide

By Betty Among

A wedding is a series of events revolving around the bride and groom. Therefore, this should be reflected in the photos of the day. For a day that will be cherished forever, it is essential that every detail of the day be captured on Camera.

Getting Ready for Wedding Photos.

A photographer is usually assigned to the bride’s side although the groom can also opt to have one. Here is a list of shots that should be taken from the bride’s side:

The wedding dress still on a hanger or on the bed or over the chair.
The bride finalizing on putting on the dress
The bride’s mother putting finishing touches to the bride
A close-up of the bride’s shoes.
A close-up of the bride’s bouquet
A close-up of the wedding dress details
The bride and bridesmaids putting on makeup
The bride hugging her parents and other family members
The bride with her bridal entourage
The bride touching up

The bride and her parents leaving for the ceremony.

From the groom’s side

Groom putting on tie
The groom all dressed up
Groom with parents
Groom with the rest of the family.

At the Ceremony Wedding Photos

The ceremony site outside (Church, Mosque, Registrar)
Guest walking into the ceremony site
The bride and the person giving her away entering the ceremony site
A Close-up of the bride before she enters the ceremony site.
The bride and the person giving away inside the ceremony site.
A photo of parents
A photo of the elders all settled in.
The maid of honour
The maids
The ring bearer with the ring
The groom waiting for the bride
The groomsmen
The officiant
The ceremony site inside
The ceremony musicians if any
The handover
The reading of the vows
The guests participating
The exchanging of rings
The kiss
Sigining of the marriage license
The couple on the steps outside the site
The couple with parents, friends and well wishers
The couple getting into the car
The bride and groom inside the car.

Wedding Posed Photos before the Reception (Studio or garden photos)
The bride alone in full length
A close-up of the bride
The back of her dress
A waist-up shot of the groom
The bride with bridesmaids
The groom with the best man
The groom with groomsmen
The bride with parents
The bride, groom and entire wedding party

The entire family together.

At the reception
Outside of the reception area
The guest inside
The wedding party arriving

The bride and groom greeting the guests
The décor
A close-up of the table settings
The high table

The serving area

The musicians or DJ table
The wedding cake
The gift table
Random photos of the couple
Several photos of guests
The speeches
The toast
The couple cutting the cake

The couple serving the cake
The couple receiving presents
The couple’s first dance
Guests dancing
The bride throwing the bouquet
The couple leaving the reception.

The list of guidelines can be explained or scaled down according to the couple’s religious affiliations, wishes or budget. The couple should communicate to the photographer their most important moments. To guide your photographer, you can write down a list of the shoots you need in the order they will happen.

Tip: Try taking photos before the function begins because the make-up is still fresh and the enthusiasm and energy in abundance.

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