Sunday, 8 April 2012

How to Trim Your Wedding Invitation List

Balancing your budget against your buddies is painful, but it is essential to trim the fat so that you do not go mad on account of happiest day of your life.

The main rule about cutting the list is not necessarily cut by name, but by having objective standard for inclusion or exclusion. For example you could decide: “No children or dates invited.”

Here are suggestions on how to cut the list;
First make you’re A- list which consists of all essentials, i.e. the people who must be there
Next, make the B-list which contains of not very essential, but sort of essential people like coworkers.
Decide whether or not you will invite children.
Ask single people not to bring dates.
Do not invite people simply to reciprocate for invitations or gifts that they’ve given to you.
Cut out anyone you haven’t spoken to in a number of years
Cut all co-workers you do not socialize with outside of work
Cut the heavy drinkers or those prone to mannerlessness and any anti-social behaviour

Thing to note down
In the face of excitement, many a bride /groom casually invites the world to their wedding; be careful you might be careful you might be brewing an emotional storm, an economic meltdown or both.

Be flexible in the early wedding planning stages. You might find that your essential guest list is smaller or bigger than you’d expected. This will affect other wedding planning decisions.

Don’t think that small weddings are boring. One of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever been to had only 60 guests but the joy that filled that tiny house was all we needed to forever cherish their day.

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