Monday, 25 June 2012

Wedding Flowers – How to Choose The Right Type

By Julie Ndagire
Flowers are so beautiful that they add a special appeal to the wedding ceremony. You can get different colours of flowers to match the theme colours to grace your big day. Here is what to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding.

Your Budget
Your budget will determine the kind of flowers you will have for your wedding. If you want particular flowers that are off season, these will be more expensive than those that are for the season. The more the flowers you want, the higher the Cost.
Roses are the most expensive flowers to have so if you want a low-budget wedding, consider using roses.
According to Lilian Adriko of Homes and Gardens in Kampala, Ordhis are expensive but make beautiful arrangements.
The beauty of the floral arrangement is important, this is something to consider when choosing flowers for the décor,
If you want to include tiger lilies in your floral arrangements the cost increases because these are imported from Kenya. A couple can have floral arrangements from Kenya. A couple can have floral arrangements with exotic flowers I they can afford it.

The theme
Your theme colour will also determine the kind of flowers that you choose. For instance , for the florist to get the colour scheme right, the bride or groom can take a piece of fabric of the outfit they will wear to the florist.
Still in regard to the theme, Adriko reveals that one can choose a tropical theme to depict the nature of Uganda. This theme can be reflected in the décor for the day.

To choose something different, one can use flowers in different colours. Florists in many towns say some couple prefer using four to six different colours of flowers.
Some couples use flowers to define the sitting arrangements at the reception. For example parents might sit at a table with red roses while friends sit at one with orange roses.
Another alternative is to mix and match two colours of roses for each table’s centerpiece for that unique touch. What is important here is to ensure that the choice of colours blends with the theme colours of the wedding.

Create time for people
Florists should create adequate time to listen to the couple’s interests and likes when choosing flowers for their wedding.
Today, couples are more demanding. They want something new and different not what they saw at a friend’s wedding. This puts pressure on florists. It becomes more complicate when a couple goes to a florist with lots of wedding magazines to illustrate the kind of décor they would love.
A Rose Decorated cake

It is important for the florist to relate to the age group of the couples that are wedding because it makes choosing the flowers they want easier.

What to choose
This depends on the personalities of couple. For someone who loves yellow for their décor, she or he can use sunflower with yellow roses.

At homes and Gardens, the sunflower has been skillfully used for decorations at weddings by sticking single flowers on a white table cloth to potray its beauty dramatically.

With red as the colour of love one might choose red roses to potray that. With red roses this is the perfect way to go.

Brides should be advised on the kind of bouquet to choose that will flatter the style of their gowns and the bridesmaids’ dresses. The bouquet should compliment the gown and not overshadow its style.
The couple should also be guided on whether to choose flowers according to their meanings or only the colour scheme.

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