Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Caring for Nails on Wedding Day

By Betty Among

Finally having the wedding band on is one of the highlights of bride’s day. It follos that the bride’s hand should be in good condition and the nails presentable and pretty to look at.

Artificial Nails such as acrylic, fibre glass and gel are commonplace. The advantage of wearing these nails is that, done well, they give a perfectly groomed appearance and the nail polish will not chip once it has set.

Artsy: Using henna to create intricate designs on the bride’s hands is becoming increasingly common at weddings, but more so at traditional wedding functions. This is especially for the Muslim brides.

The manicure
The white –tipped French manicure is a popular choice for the wedding day, while a lot of bride today are going very bold at introduction ceremonies and going so far as to coordinator the colour on their nails to the color- scheme for the day

Why hands too need attention
Our hands perform a multitude of tasks, they are often subject to scrutiny on a day-to-day
Basis. On the wedding day, a bride’s hands and nails will be the focus of attention while at the altar, at the exchange of rings, signing the register and certificate s and shaking hands with guest. These are moments and details which photographers love to capture. It simply will not do for a bride to have unkempt, unattractive hands and nails.

Nail care tips leading to the Big day
For hands that will look soft pampered and groomed on the wedding day, every bride needs to make a conscious decision to put in extra effort starting at least six months to the wedding. Here are a few tips to get the process going;
Have a professional manicure and pedicure done at least once every two weeks in the six months leading up to the wedding.
Avoid wearing acrylic nails during this period so that your nails can benefit from the various strengthening and nourishing treatments on offer.
Make sure your hands are constantly moistured by having a good hand lotion constantly handy.
Avoid exposing your hands to harsh detergents. If you must do the laundry and the dishes, wear household gloves.
Use gardening gloves while working in the garden.

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