Saturday, 19 May 2012

Trendy Wedding Ideas to Opt For

By Betty Amongin

Today couples intending to get married know what they want and how they want it. Thanks to the internet revolution, today’s bride is more informed and aware about personal style. Couples are getting more creative and feel free to make unique choices. Here is what hot and happening.

Trend 1: Handmade invitation Cards
The new look is a twist of tradition; forget the ultra formal invite from commercial printers. Couples are embracing their own style and having the cards individually crafted and handmade. They want invitations that will get recipients oohing and aahing.

Trend 2: ‘Mismatched’ bridesmaids’ dresses.
Exact uniformity for each bridesmaid is a thing of the past, thank God. Brides now understand that no two maids have the same structure and taste. Brides now select fabric and colour, let their bridesmaids choose the style that works best for their bodies. Not only does this take some pressure off you, it also ensures that the ladies are choosing a dress they like and are likely to wear again if you follow this trend be sure to tell your bridesmaids the general look to be achieved – You don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a mini and the other a ball gown.

Trend 3: Colours Galore

Wedding colours are now fresh and energetic. Shocking pinks, bright greens, rich blues hues and deep earth tones. Today’s couples are mixing bright colors with the muted versions. Pair lemon yellow with chocolate brown or  white and yellow, thick turquoise and icy blues with a chock of orange or purple, pair rich orange with chocolate brown; be sure to understand that this is not glaring orange, but rather, one that suggests opulence and often has a bronze undertone. This orange can be paired cream for equally beautiful results.

Trend 4; Not so white wedding gown

The bride who wears a gown with a shock of colour running through the hem or waistline or back panel is sure to stand out and be remembered. If you are more traditional, incorporate the colour trend in the other ways like shoes with colored heels or hair accents with some colour. Or maybe you want to go all the way with a coloured dress like putting on a red or black gown and your bridesmaids go white.

Trend 5
The tiara went under used to over used overnight. One could get rich by predicting that the bride wore a tiara. Since 2008, adventurous brides have forgone the traditional tiara and instead pin rhinestone or beaded accessories into their hair. One clever bride used earrings and she looked stunning, another adopted this trend in a simple yet elegant way by weaving a necklace through her locks.

Trend 6: Wedding websites.

Couples are creating wedding websites that have just about anything and everything you would like to know or see about their love story, from photo galleries to diary input, favorite things to how he proposed, from special “Thank Yous” to personalized poems check them out.

Trend 7: Multiple themes
It is no longer difficult choosing your theme. The rustic can be fused with the ultra modern and the afro-all in the same wedding. The trick is to know how to blend, not clash.

Trend 8: All about cake Serving; A platter per table or a little cake on each table. Taste: It is more trendy and accommodative to have a different flavor for each tier of the cake. One couple had a rich chocolate tier and a strawberry tier in addition to the traditional heavy fruit cake.

Trend 9: Unusual centerpieces
Vases and vessels are moving centre stage, out of the box concepts like teapots, wooden boxes and crafts are making huge visual statements. Citrus centerpieces, long grass blades, white sand, natural vines, dry ingredients like salt, flour and seeds are dramatically replacing fresh flowers.

Trend 10 : Can’t be bothered with the minefield of having every movement and motion scrutinized by 200 pairs of eyes? Forestall the jitters by seating amongst your guests, a sweetheart table that sits two will do.

Trend 11: Macho grooming
Once upon a time, the groom just dashed into the saloon an hour or so before ceremony time, not anymore, in this modern day of multiple pressure, he too could do a little soaking of his feet, a full and thorough body massage and, toning. And of course, what a sleek look without a seductive scent to compliment him?

Trend 12: Minimalism
Gone is the look of bows, whistles. Ribbons and flowers all in one. This time the beauty is in the details, not the excesses otherwise known as, “ Simple understated elegance”

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