Monday, 7 May 2012

Honeymoon at Home – Making the best of it

By Julie Ndagire 

 You are in a fix. The wedding has cost you a lot of money, there is little money left for honey moon. You had longed to get away with your wife, to have the most romantic gate away together, but here you are with little money and probably in debt. What do you do? Try out a honeymoon at home. Get a few items beforehand to get you started. Make it romantic and memorable with these tips.

Getting Started
You have to both agree on honeymoon at home then start preparations.
If you have children or live with anybody at home send them off to relatives and have the home to yourselves.
You need to buy a few items like sexy lingerie and boxers.

Working on the ambiance
Buy some scented candles for a candlelight setting in your bedroom at night. Instead of the usual bulbs, use candle light to give your bedroom a romantic feel.
Alternatively, you can install coated bulbs in your bedroom for a special light setting.

Spice up the room with a touch of nature. Pick up and put in a flowers or beautiful leaves from a compound and put in a flower vase or if you can, get red roses and place in beautiful pots and decorate your window seal, bathroom, dressing table in your bedroom and sitting room. Petals can work magic. Spread them nearly on the floor, or just over the bed or the entire bedroom.

Change your beddings. Work with bright magical colours like red, maroon, pink and yellow to create a paradise in your bedroom.
Write love notes on small pieces of paper about how much you love your wife or husband and put them in places they can easily see them like under the pillow, under their toothbrush, in the fridge, on the dinning table and on the bedroom walls. Just watch how they react when they see them. You will enjoy the look on their face.
Red bedtime stories to each other, tell each other jokes, tell him or her why you fell in love with them and why you still love them.
Give your bedroom or entire house walls, a new painting. Use colours that will create romantic feeling.

Food and drinks
Cook together, even if you do not know how to cook. Learn from each other and have fun in the kitchen.
You can opt to hire an affordable, but good cook or get a relative or a friend to cook and serve you for the entire honeymoon.
If you love wine, include it on the drinks menu. Red wine is said to arouse good sensual feelings for both of you.

Step out of your comfort Zone with the drinks or food, try out as many drinks as you can. After all it is your day and you are drinking it indoors. Yu can actually get to do all crazy things you have never done before.
Movies &Music
Buy or borrow as many romantic movies as you can to get you through the entire honeymoon. These movies will help keep your mind focused on love.
You can buy as many slow love songs as you can to play in your bedroom, and all day long especially in between meals.
Create a musical montage of your relationship on a CD burner or MP 3 player – Songs that either remind you of moments in your relationship, or say something significant about it. Then spend the evening dancing in the living room. Take this idea to the next level by going out somewhere that offers dance instruction, or hire a dance instructor to teach you the basics.
You can even dance to the music together.

Try out crazy things you have never done before like sleeping on the floor for the entire night.
Take turns cooking breakfast for each other
Do the breakfast in bed

Take short walks together around the compound hand in hand.

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