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Bridal Shopping - How to go about it.

 There is no doubt that shopping for your wedding is one of the best parts of being a bride.                                                                     You get a chance to get to see and try on beautiful things that you always thought were just for lucky few.  In addition, you get to turn into reality that dream you have always harboured about your Wedding look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Whereas you may be torn between incorporating some of the ideas that you picked from observing others brides and getting ready made attire, you need to sit down and, taking your budget into account, decide what will make your day as beautiful and memorable as you want it to be .                                                                      
Once that is taken care of, the next thing to find out where to get each item that will make you the centerpiece of the wedding.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 If you are going for a gown and changing dress that is tailored to your size and taste, you will need                                                                                                  to search for fabric .These are has many as the new arcades in the city. All the more reason for you to be clear about the colour and material you want before setting out.                                                                                                             
With the exception of bold brides, who may want different colours for their gowns, most brides go for bridal scheme by adding detailing in that colour. This could be in form of flowers, ribbon and decorative stones.                                                                                                                                                                   
For harmony ‘s sake, be sure to go shopping with  your maids so they can chose their fabric with what you want in mind. In addition when you go with your maids, there is a high likelihood you will get a discount from buying in bulk.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
There is a variety of materials at shops Queen Mary, Fair Lady Textile, Anky Designers, Shina Collections, Smart Textiles, The palm house, Betuco Uganda Limited, Tailor’s Friend Emporium and JML Bridal Center.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Depending on the material, a meter of bridal white costs about sh13,000 while off-white will cost  you sh 15,000. For your maids’ outfits, you may have to spend between sh 5,000 and sh15,000 per metre, depending on the material. Having the dresses tailored will cost between sh40,000 and sh 120,000 depending on design and tailor.
Body fitting gowns cost more as they require a lot of time and care to cut and stitch while ballroom designs cost less to stitch while ballroom designs cost less to put together, although they take up a lot of material.
However, if time is not on your side, you could buy a ready made gown and changing dress. A gown costs between sh600,000 and 1.8m. A visit to bridal paradise, Today’s bridal, Hossana Bridal Center, Lady charlotte, D2i Designs, Best bridal, Kim’ bridal and Roheel Jeweller will give you a variety of gowns to choose from. For a changing dress that will get everyone talking visit stop n’ shop, Sisters’ boutique, Bill and Bobby, Islander boutique, D2i designs. The prices range between sh100,000 and sh800,000.

Ever heard of the saying; “proper prior planning prevents pathetically poor performance?” Most Ugandans are guilty of last-minute booking with no planning at all. This creates a headache for both the couple and the travel agents. Start planning your honeymoon along with your wedding.
Set a budget. Decide whether you would like to spend more on the wedding or  the honeymoon. How much money can you spend on the honeymoon? Remember it is possible to be in a particular location but choose the 5-star, 4-star or 3-star option.
Decide what type of honeymoon to take. This is purely based on your personalities. Are you adventurous? Are you the type that prefers to be left alone? Are you water-loving? The choice is yours.  
Seek advice from a travel agency. The world of tour and travel even within your own country is complex beyond your imagination. Things like connecting flights are best done by the pros else you end up spending four hours in transit while an agency would have sorted you better. With your budget and ideal vacation in mind, take your ideas and talk them over with a travel agent. A good agent should be able to produce a number of options that will be tailored to your preferences and your budget.
Research your destination before sealing the deal: The internet, the tourist board or travel agency can provide you with information. Check out activity ideas and whether.
Know the logistics before you go. Know the distance between your hotel and all the other attractions you plan on visiting during your honeymoon. Check out hotel amenities.
Find out about necessary vaccinations or disease endemic to your preferred area for honeymooning. Visas, taxes, know it all.
Let everyone know you are on honeymoon. Hotel staff, restaurateurs and drivers should all be informed of the special occasion for your trip. Do not be shy, because divulging this information often results in special discounts, treatment or gifts.

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