Friday, 13 January 2012

Wedding Day Checklist

 The little things you must not forget

The day is finally looming on the horizon. You have a mixture of emotions going on. Excitement, anxiety, happiness, your heart bursting with love and then…a nagging unsettling feeling that you cannot quite put your finger on creeps in to rain on your parade

Everything seems already in place. The main service providers are all booked and paid for, and you have a team to oversee that everything is delivered and set up on time.

A written (not mental) checklist of the things you need to oversee yourself as the bride /groom:

Honey moon

Are your tickets, passports, vaccination cards all ready/ up to date? Are your hotel reservations confirmed? Have you done your packing? Have you arranged transport to airport and pick-up when you arrive?

Wedding Night/ Morning After

You must be thinking: “Isn’t this obvious?…nice lingerie, exotic scent…” Ok, so you have the wedding night all sorted. But how about the next day? Pack something nice to wear the next day, complete with accessories,. A pretty sundress will keep you in the beautiful mood carried over from the previous day.

Wedding Day:

It is un likely that you will forget the gown, bridesmaids’ dresses and groom’s suit. It is the little things that you need to put together, preferably in labeled bags, prior to the day. Jewellery, gloves, purses, ring cushion, extra shoes, accessories for your changing out fit

Ideally each garment should be steamed/ pressed and hung in garment bag and, in addition, a carrier bag with all the accessories for the outfit should also be attached to the hanger

It is easy to overlook things like the guest book, signing pen, offertory envelopes for the entourage already filled and sealed. A checklist prepared well in advance will ensure that you have everything covered

The emergency Bag

It can not be stressed enough how vital this item is. This is not just a reel of white thread and needle thrown hastily into the maid of honor’s miniscule bag. The maid of honor/ matron’s bag can have the one reel for any emergency repair, facial oil blotters, lip gloss, small packet of wet wipes and handkerchief. Otherwise you need another reasonably sized bag with secure zipper where you will fit the following:

  • Full sewing kit
  • At least a dozen safety pins of different sizes,
  • Make-up kit
  • Packet of hand tissues
  • Pain killers
  • Extra Handkerchiefs
  • Cleanser, toner, moisturizer,
  • Band aids
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Mint sweets

Remember to have this bag in a car that will remain with the bridal entourage all the time

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